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Narrow Path Ministries

Dr. Sunny Ezhumattoor (also known as Dr. John Mathew) has been a conservative critique on controversial topics for many decades. He is the author of many award winning books on social and family issues. His literary works display the profound knowledge and erudition he gained in Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Scientific Humanism, and Jurisprudence. Dr. Sunny uses his mighty talent in writing as a tool for correction and predicting irrational and inexcusable practices among Christians as well as society in general.

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CornerStone Magazine

CORNERSTONE Magazine seeks to build up and encourage the Lord’s people by publishing Bible teaching articles and reports of the Lord’s work. Its aim is to present truth in words that are easy to understand in regard to the person of Christ, his church, and evangelism. Cornerstone does not intend to be the official organ of any group of churches. The editor takes responsibility for the content that is published. For any spiritual blessing, to God be all the glory.

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